Z-League is a new-age recreational sports league that allows for real-time organization of pick-up style tournaments in various sports using an electronic signup sheet.  The new Fantasy League, where you are the player.  Looking for a change of atmoshpere in competitve amateur sports.  At Z-League you play for your Zodiac sign.

What’s that #1 Zodiac Sign?

Who knows, but we’re taking a shot at finding out with sports.

We have two main systems: Fantazleague and Z-League

Fantazleague simply uses a fantasy league application by implementing Z-League team format at live draft. Results are shared.

Z-League is a customize signup sheet for various (real games) by amateurs that allow you to form teams by your zodiac sign.

Play the game. Who’s #1?

The games are held by partners of Zleague that lease the signup sheets and hold these games at appointed facilities.  Once the partner has a Z-League signup sheet, then the games are held very similar to how you would play the specified sport ordinarily. When signing up for a game the system automatically places you on the appropriate team by the information you provide in your profile.  The scoreboard (in the top right) is for Z-League games and allows us to keep score on a state, national, or even one day perhaps a world wide basis.

Get Started

-Sign up with Z-League (create a player profile)

-Find a game

-Show up to play

-Tweet about your game on twitter @Zleague using current dated trending topic

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