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Join Z-League and Upgrade Your Adult Sports Leage Experience!

The thrill of sports competition is different after high school.

Your youth sports membership expired along with the privileges and red-carpet treatment that comes with it as athletes. Adult leagues are just not the same. The structure is the same, and it’s still a game with four quarters. The team with the most points wins when the clock hits zero. But something is missing — you’ll know it as soon as you play your first league or tournament game as an adult. The fans, your teammates, team pride, it’s all different with no way to recapture that youth sports experience until now.

You’re not a kid anymore.

You’re mature and have outgrown many things. But for some reason, athletes still want to chase that youthful feeling. You are playing in leagues and tournaments. Why? Because as a competitor, you still have a burning desire to compete and showcase your talent.

At the adult league level, pride isn’t quite the same. Heck, it’s nearly non-existent in amateur adult sports. Pickup and games with friends offer some competition. Yet, the energy you seek as an athlete is the showcase of talent and applause.

We are introducing a new system.

Z-League is bringing a universal fan base to your local gym or field. How is this possible? Unlike traditional ways of forming teams, there is now a new and creative way of determining who plays on which teams. At the same time, all the players remain in the same area — you don’t have to travel far to play. One popular and fun way to look at birthdays is the Zodiac. At Z-League, we use your birthday to determine the TFA or Team forming attribute. We use the Zodiac to decide who will play for which team in a tournament.

Now players have a practical way of experiencing team buy-in while not having to give up their daily lives. We want to be clear, Z-League is an option to experience sports differently as an adult, not to replace existing outlets currently offered.

Our tournaments are designed to be held once a month. The TFA and the universal scoreboard make for a thrilling experience never before known to the amateur adult sports landscape — especially at the local level.


Current Stats

Active Venues: 2
Active Players: 22